What the Fun?


As a child growing up in Vermont I can remember going outside any time of year for endless hours of FUN. Roaming the woods, hiking, biking, climbing trees… The imagination and energy of a child conjures up FUN as second nature. So when did this fade? And what did you replace it with …

I bring this topic up a lot and trust me get some weird looks :/ Β I proactively make an effort to hold onto this youthful notion of adventure and exploration. You are tired, busy, hate your job – well go climb a tree. No really GO CLIMB A TREE and get a different perspective on life!Β Ok ok maybe start with climbing an indoor rock wall. Whatever will get you up, moving and out of your mental hole. Movement and exploration are necessary for human happiness. Without them we lack purpose and get wrapped up in an artificial existence of generic manufactured pleasure.

Call me crazy but try it sometime. Be a little selfish, push aside all those meaningless obligations that are so NOT important and/ or self-medicating and seek out a little primal enjoyment. You are going to feel self-conscious and guilty at first but that will pass. Seek out that mountain, hike, bike, climb, run or just stop and meditate to the sounds. Break free and have FUN.


One comment on “What the Fun?

  1. Joyce Meehl says:

    FUN to read this too!!!!

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