Making things happen…


It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

Right on Leonardo! Words to live by straight from the masters mouth. Being an athlete I take this philosophy at it’s most literal form. I have goals, very specific goals which are laid out in my race calendar. Let me be indulgent and break this down as I sit here on my rest day rolling out my tight calves. This is were the quote above comes into play for me: Many people will say they want to do something in vain, and then they never do. Instead I take the bull by the balls. I say I am going to do this – even if I get kicked in the face and fail the first ten times. I go after it until I achieve it. Persistence is in my nature.

I have accepted that to do what you love is hard. You will have killer moments – and moments that kill you. But that is the name of the game and you can’t help it, you love it – it’s FUN 😉 Some days I think about how I must be perceived by those who sit back in life. How odd it is that I spend so much time on training, have been injured on countless occasions, invest so much money on gear for run and MTB all to just participate. No sponsorship, no purses, no wins. Then I laugh and say who cares – I have happened to things. I am happening to Trail. I am making my life happen and that is pretty rad. Ride on//Run on !



I am always up for new forms of adventure. Just give me a good leg up with quality gear – oh and LOOKING CUTE amidst the sweat and mud on trail is a must. With approval from trainer Will Hough I am entering the Mountain Bike scene this spring. Off-the-rack? HAHAHA – no. When I adopt a sport I am not one to tread lightly, I full on commit. That means a visit to friend and custom MTB guru Frank The Welder. Listen kids I will work hard to learn how to fly down trails but I am sure as hell going to be as one with my bike as possible doing it – so it has to fit MY BODY. Not to mention as good as a custom bike feels it looks killer! Being forever the Trail Diva I love the creative control of making my bike. RAL 5015 (sky/mockingbird blue!) custom frame and blinged out gold handle bars and pedals. Hey – the earrings have to match the necklace. Cheers to an upcoming season of trail love, and looking good on those dates 😉



Embrace the FEAR

I have learned that FEAR is a good thing, embrace it. It shows us that we are going outside of our comfort zone and challenging ourselves. Seek to be THE YOU on the other side of that fear. Drop the doubt, drop the excuses – keep it positive. No one else can finish for you – so take charge. Grrrrrroar!!!

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