I am always up for new forms of adventure. Just give me a good leg up with quality gear – oh and LOOKING CUTE amidst the sweat and mud on trail is a must. With approval from trainer Will Hough I am entering the Mountain Bike scene this spring. Off-the-rack? HAHAHA – no. When I adopt a sport I am not one to tread lightly, I full on commit. That means a visit to friend and custom MTB guru Frank The Welder. Listen kids I will work hard to learn how to fly down trails but I am sure as hell going to be as one with my bike as possible doing it – so it has to fit MY BODY. Not to mention as good as a custom bike feels it looks killer! Being forever the Trail Diva I love the creative control of making my bike. RAL 5015 (sky/mockingbird blue!) custom frame and blinged out gold handle bars and pedals. Hey – the earrings have to match the necklace. Cheers to an upcoming season of trail love, and looking good on those dates 😉




  1. Reading your post me want to get on my bike! I got it in June and wasn’t able to use it until snow was on the ground where I live.

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