building miles…

Building back a strong base and mileage after time off is never easy. I am pleased that my body and mind are not only remembering but craving the long runs. I attribute a few things to this: First my cross training. Mountain biking and rowing have given me a strong core and leg muscle. They have also kept my mind sharp. Second diet. I have been very proactive about fueling and recovery foods. Thirdly I am running for myself and the right reasons 🙂 This allows me to enjoy the journey.

I kicked off the holiday weekend with a 17 mile run yesterday, my longest run of the season so far. With every lap around Prospect park I leaped and tapped some leaves at this one tree that were just in reach. Silly I know but this little playful act recharged me, a reminder to work hard but also have fun with it all. Today brought a recovery row and stretching… and a little more muscle milk. Now onto celebrating the 4th with friends, fireworks, Women’s World Cup Soccer and some well earned beer and food 😉 Cheers!

Sweaty, salty and refueling post 17 mile run.


Run Nerd Alert!

You know you are a runner when: You have an alarm set on registration day for 3 mins before it launches. This is despite the fact that we both know you have had the page open all morning, just in case there was a glitch and registration opened early!

Thank you Brooklyn Half Marathon for being my rebound. After two failed lotteries this year for the NYC Half ( what’s up Manhattan) I tossed in the towel. I ran you once a few years ago and I am done being rejected by you. Brooklyn and I lived together for ten years, has always had my back – its time I ran his Half. My leggies were shaking with excitement and itching to run from a burst of adrenaline all afternoon…

GYM TIME – tonight working on my pace. Trying to get it down to an 8:20 m/m for the race. Ran on the treadmill for 30 mins at that pace, every ten mins maxing the incline to 15% and running 11 min mile for 30 -60 seconds to wake up my calves. Stride is feeling good. Next up – step ups. Knee height platform. One legged lift 20 times, then the other side. Once done 20 squats and repeat all three stages three times. Then wrap it up with a row, damper 1 with 33-36 s/m for 30 mins. Dam it! Forgot to check my meters, next time. A good stretch then 15 mins in the sauna, me time 😀

Feeling exhilarated and excited for this season.

right on//run on



COPYCAT OR COINCIDENSE: Don’t you love a battle with the person running on the treadmill next to you? … best part is, they may or may not know it!

So after about 5 minutes I realized the guy next to me was doing my routine today. 7:00 – 7:30 m/m speed intervals. Only I mixed in 11:00 m/m incline maxed out intervals. Dude – if you are going to copy me, don’t lame out on the incline. I may be red faced and sweating but hey it is because I am busting it! But also thanks for making me push it – same time tomorrow?


Got to the gym tonight pumped to do speed work on the treadmill. Imagine the momentary disappointment on my face when I see all of them are taken. Go on … no it’s cool … get your walk on people, walk away! Oh well – plan b. One hour to bust out some cardio and maybe mix in some arms, core and gluts … you thinking what I am thinking? Let’s row it up! 33-36 r/m set at the damper at 5. Only working out for an hour Jamie – what gives? Oh getting my new sassy car at 6pm!

What we think about while we are working out…


Here is a question: You are at work – would you break out a book and read all day every day? Answer: Probably not! Your boss would not be too pleased on account  you would get nothing done and you would most likely get fired. Not good. Silly question. Of course you would not read at work.

I bring this up because I was at the gym today doing speed work and incline on the treadmill and observed something fascinating. Within the whole row of stationary bikers in front of me, each and every person was reading. Magazines//books//newspapers the whole spectrum covered. Where are we – the reception room at a doctor’s office or the gym? SO back to my previous question: would you read at work?

Mmmmm getting preachy? I am about to straight up testify here!!! Have we gotten so focused on working for other people that some have given up on working on themselves? Do we feel like getting a mediocre workout and having a gym membership is adequate? How productive can we really be in fitness if we are distracted the whole time? To choose to do something without purpose really accomplishes nothing at all. Take the challenge to CHOOSE to live your life with PURPOSE. This is not about today or tomorrow or some instant gratification. To grow and achieve in any avenue of life we must accept this. It is about a larger greater goal that we have set for ourselves, not by or for anyone else. And for me kids the 50 mile ultra-run is calling … and I plan on being able to answer in September! Oh and currently on my nightstand Kilian Jornet’s “Run or Die” good read before bed where it belongs!