back and blogging!


After a not so brief hiatus I am stoked to be back and blogging! A LOT of life restructuring has happened since my last post. I am now single, back in Brooklyn and more than ever focused on what I want to achieve in life, relationships, art and athletics. And oh those athletics ~ My love affair with MTBing is still going strong and after 10 months off I am running again! Yes, 10 months – no running, crazy right?

The really exciting news of the moment for me though, I have been chosen to be an Arnica Athlete with Good Body Products. With this sponsorship I get to represent my favorite skincare line, which is pretty rad! As an endurance athlete I regularly put a lot of physical demands on my body. Good Body Products’ Arnica Salves and Butters have truly become part of my training routine since I started using them last race season. Not only does it aid in soothing my sore muscles, healing bruises, bumps, and cuts, it also makes my skin smell and feel so GOOD! It allows me to be tough on trail, and a soft lady off. Who doesn’t love that?! And bonus they are all natural and made in Vermont, like me!

OK time to hit the ground running, literally and fingers crossed as I head into this new chapter of my adventure. If you see my little blonde mohawk training don’t forget to toss me a smile and a wave 😉 Cheers!



COPYCAT OR COINCIDENSE: Don’t you love a battle with the person running on the treadmill next to you? … best part is, they may or may not know it!

So after about 5 minutes I realized the guy next to me was doing my routine today. 7:00 – 7:30 m/m speed intervals. Only I mixed in 11:00 m/m incline maxed out intervals. Dude – if you are going to copy me, don’t lame out on the incline. I may be red faced and sweating but hey it is because I am busting it! But also thanks for making me push it – same time tomorrow?

What we think about while we are working out…


Here is a question: You are at work – would you break out a book and read all day every day? Answer: Probably not! Your boss would not be too pleased on account  you would get nothing done and you would most likely get fired. Not good. Silly question. Of course you would not read at work.

I bring this up because I was at the gym today doing speed work and incline on the treadmill and observed something fascinating. Within the whole row of stationary bikers in front of me, each and every person was reading. Magazines//books//newspapers the whole spectrum covered. Where are we – the reception room at a doctor’s office or the gym? SO back to my previous question: would you read at work?

Mmmmm getting preachy? I am about to straight up testify here!!! Have we gotten so focused on working for other people that some have given up on working on themselves? Do we feel like getting a mediocre workout and having a gym membership is adequate? How productive can we really be in fitness if we are distracted the whole time? To choose to do something without purpose really accomplishes nothing at all. Take the challenge to CHOOSE to live your life with PURPOSE. This is not about today or tomorrow or some instant gratification. To grow and achieve in any avenue of life we must accept this. It is about a larger greater goal that we have set for ourselves, not by or for anyone else. And for me kids the 50 mile ultra-run is calling … and I plan on being able to answer in September! Oh and currently on my nightstand Kilian Jornet’s “Run or Die” good read before bed where it belongs!