It is a funny thing to think about โ€“ running around in the woods for hours on end. Playful yet sort of silly. The reality though is it is hard work, exhausting but exhilarating! The stages of the mind that challenge us: tiredness, self-doubt, clarity, tranquility, are truly greater than ourselves. We are just along for the ride –ย embrace them. Why, what is the reward? There is no greaterย feeling then after a long run, standing in the valley and looking back at the mountains you just trailed. That runner’s high is kicking in โ€“ youโ€™re reminiscing the hours you just spent together, the distance you trekked and the views. Excitement like that of a tawdry affair! Yeah Mountains โ€“ that was us, having a momentโ€ฆ but now I must move on.

Good morning Vermont