building miles…

Building back a strong base and mileage after time off is never easy. I am pleased that my body and mind are not only remembering but craving the long runs. I attribute a few things to this: First my cross training. Mountain biking and rowing have given me a strong core and leg muscle. They have also kept my mind sharp. Second diet. I have been very proactive about fueling and recovery foods. Thirdly I am running for myself and the right reasons 🙂 This allows me to enjoy the journey.

I kicked off the holiday weekend with a 17 mile run yesterday, my longest run of the season so far. With every lap around Prospect park I leaped and tapped some leaves at this one tree that were just in reach. Silly I know but this little playful act recharged me, a reminder to work hard but also have fun with it all. Today brought a recovery row and stretching… and a little more muscle milk. Now onto celebrating the 4th with friends, fireworks, Women’s World Cup Soccer and some well earned beer and food 😉 Cheers!

Sweaty, salty and refueling post 17 mile run.


back and blogging!


After a not so brief hiatus I am stoked to be back and blogging! A LOT of life restructuring has happened since my last post. I am now single, back in Brooklyn and more than ever focused on what I want to achieve in life, relationships, art and athletics. And oh those athletics ~ My love affair with MTBing is still going strong and after 10 months off I am running again! Yes, 10 months – no running, crazy right?

The really exciting news of the moment for me though, I have been chosen to be an Arnica Athlete with Good Body Products. With this sponsorship I get to represent my favorite skincare line, which is pretty rad! As an endurance athlete I regularly put a lot of physical demands on my body. Good Body Products’ Arnica Salves and Butters have truly become part of my training routine since I started using them last race season. Not only does it aid in soothing my sore muscles, healing bruises, bumps, and cuts, it also makes my skin smell and feel so GOOD! It allows me to be tough on trail, and a soft lady off. Who doesn’t love that?! And bonus they are all natural and made in Vermont, like me!

OK time to hit the ground running, literally and fingers crossed as I head into this new chapter of my adventure. If you see my little blonde mohawk training don’t forget to toss me a smile and a wave 😉 Cheers!


Embrace the FEAR

I have learned that FEAR is a good thing, embrace it. It shows us that we are going outside of our comfort zone and challenging ourselves. Seek to be THE YOU on the other side of that fear. Drop the doubt, drop the excuses – keep it positive. No one else can finish for you – so take charge. Grrrrrroar!!!

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Run Nerd Alert!

You know you are a runner when: You have an alarm set on registration day for 3 mins before it launches. This is despite the fact that we both know you have had the page open all morning, just in case there was a glitch and registration opened early!

Thank you Brooklyn Half Marathon for being my rebound. After two failed lotteries this year for the NYC Half ( what’s up Manhattan) I tossed in the towel. I ran you once a few years ago and I am done being rejected by you. Brooklyn and I lived together for ten years, has always had my back – its time I ran his Half. My leggies were shaking with excitement and itching to run from a burst of adrenaline all afternoon…

GYM TIME – tonight working on my pace. Trying to get it down to an 8:20 m/m for the race. Ran on the treadmill for 30 mins at that pace, every ten mins maxing the incline to 15% and running 11 min mile for 30 -60 seconds to wake up my calves. Stride is feeling good. Next up – step ups. Knee height platform. One legged lift 20 times, then the other side. Once done 20 squats and repeat all three stages three times. Then wrap it up with a row, damper 1 with 33-36 s/m for 30 mins. Dam it! Forgot to check my meters, next time. A good stretch then 15 mins in the sauna, me time 😀

Feeling exhilarated and excited for this season.

right on//run on


Trail Love

Trail: She is brutal yet exhilarating. Many love her for her intoxicating nature but regardless YOU BOTH share a uniquely enlightening relationship. The very thought of the trail makes you smile and lifts your heart. To know her is to be challenged by her …

What is trail love? What draws us to such physical and social extremes? Perhaps there is no answer – just instinct. Follow your fun – follow your heart, find your happiness. It is as simple as that.

right on//run on//ride on

run time//fun time

Mmmm … someone has been grumpy lately :/ Clearly running on a treadmill too many days in a row brings out the passive aggressive side of me! In need of some FUN (and an attitude adjustment) I made it a priority to get out of work on time today and get in a late afternoon run outdoors. Boy are my leggies happy! With a little extra pep in their step we broke free and took in the glorious winter scenery surrounding us. Oh and that is not all! The best part about wintertime running – snow doubles as an instant ice bath!!! BRRRRR… 😀


COPYCAT OR COINCIDENSE: Don’t you love a battle with the person running on the treadmill next to you? … best part is, they may or may not know it!

So after about 5 minutes I realized the guy next to me was doing my routine today. 7:00 – 7:30 m/m speed intervals. Only I mixed in 11:00 m/m incline maxed out intervals. Dude – if you are going to copy me, don’t lame out on the incline. I may be red faced and sweating but hey it is because I am busting it! But also thanks for making me push it – same time tomorrow?


It is a funny thing to think about – running around in the woods for hours on end. Playful yet sort of silly. The reality though is it is hard work, exhausting but exhilarating! The stages of the mind that challenge us: tiredness, self-doubt, clarity, tranquility, are truly greater than ourselves. We are just along for the ride – embrace them. Why, what is the reward? There is no greater feeling then after a long run, standing in the valley and looking back at the mountains you just trailed. That runner’s high is kicking in – you’re reminiscing the hours you just spent together, the distance you trekked and the views. Excitement like that of a tawdry affair! Yeah Mountains – that was us, having a moment… but now I must move on.

Good morning Vermont