What we think about while we are working out…


Here is a question: You are at work – would you break out a book and read all day every day? Answer: Probably not! Your boss would not be too pleased on account  you would get nothing done and you would most likely get fired. Not good. Silly question. Of course you would not read at work.

I bring this up because I was at the gym today doing speed work and incline on the treadmill and observed something fascinating. Within the whole row of stationary bikers in front of me, each and every person was reading. Magazines//books//newspapers the whole spectrum covered. Where are we – the reception room at a doctor’s office or the gym? SO back to my previous question: would you read at work?

Mmmmm getting preachy? I am about to straight up testify here!!! Have we gotten so focused on working for other people that some have given up on working on themselves? Do we feel like getting a mediocre workout and having a gym membership is adequate? How productive can we really be in fitness if we are distracted the whole time? To choose to do something without purpose really accomplishes nothing at all. Take the challenge to CHOOSE to live your life with PURPOSE. This is not about today or tomorrow or some instant gratification. To grow and achieve in any avenue of life we must accept this. It is about a larger greater goal that we have set for ourselves, not by or for anyone else. And for me kids the 50 mile ultra-run is calling … and I plan on being able to answer in September! Oh and currently on my nightstand Kilian Jornet’s “Run or Die” good read before bed where it belongs!


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